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What is aerogel
Aerogel is known as the magic material that changes the world, and is listed as one of the ten new materials in the 21st century, with broad application prospects. Unlike the traditional "glue", it is a form of solid matter, the lightest solid material known at present. The limit density that the laboratory can achieve is 0.16 mg per cubic centimeter. Due to its very low density and the nano-size holes inside, light is hardly scattered when passing through it. It has a bluish appearance like the sky and is therefore referred to as "frozen smoke" or "blue smoke".
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Sanat (Guangdong) New Material Technology Co., Ltd. is an enterprise integrating R&D, production and sales of nano-agel insulation products. The company is headquartered in Guangzhou, the core city of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Bay Area, and has branches in Shandong, Jiangsu, etc. Our company has cooperated with many universities and scientific research institutes in China to research and develop a variety of nano aerogel insulation products, providing a series of supporting fire protection and insulation engineering optimization solutions for various industries, and solving the insulation problems that traditional insulation materials cannot solve.

The nano aerogel thermal insulation products are the advanced thermal insulation materials in the current market, and the National Development and Reform Commission has also listed the aerogel materials into the national key energy conservation and low-carbon technology promotion catalog. The product can be widely used in building insulation, petrochemical, power plant heating network, iron and steel metallurgy, cryogenic insulation, industrial equipment, new energy, rail transit, cement, ceramics, electronics, household appliances and other industries. Our company has a batch of excellent insulation engineering design and product development teams, always committed to providing satisfactory insulation management solutions for customers in various industries, and striving to become a global leading insulation solution and product provider.

As the service provider of professional thermal insulation and energy conservation solutions, Sanat is looking forward to working with you to make contributions to the global energy conservation and low-carbon cause.